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was established to provide information to traders about the big challenges they’ll encounter on a consistent basis. The hardest thing to control while investing, is yourself. Everyone has a financial bank account, and an emotional bank account. People usually run out of the emotional bank account first, and that’s what causes them to lose the other. We also teach members how to find Bottoms and Support/Resistance Levels with Charting Analysis and Level 2 Market Depth. Plan your work and work your plan!

As a part of this community please feel free to ask questions and speak freely about stocks or strategies you believe may have promise. We’re here to help “the little guy” as much as possible while unpacking taboo topics such as:

  • Order Flow Manipulation

  • Predatory Short-selling Tactics

  • Offshore Accounts

  • insider Trading

  • Alternate Trade Systems (ATS) and their “DARK POOLS


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and have access to 24/7 chat in real-time. We also have a Forum to discuss specific topics of interest, a link to all Upswing Trading Video content, and a “HOT STOCKS” section where we provide a short-list of good potential stocks to trade that day.

There are no “dumb” questions since we are all here to become the best traders possible. Everyone has to start somewhere, and we realize there will be some traders that might need extra help in the beginning. The best way to strengthen our team, is to help others advance their skills. It is easier to win when we work as a team towards an end goal.

Thank-you for your interest in Upswing-Trading,